I do not like this word.


Do you remember the mountain top where all you could see was a canyon filled with infinite trees and all that you could hear was a brutal silence? You do.

So you took a picture.
You came home and showed up your picture. “Good photo” they said. “Looks cool it there”.

That photo is just like that word: they cannot represent what they portray.
Simple because they aren’t it. They are a picture and a word.

Yet, they are all you have when trying to share it with others.


99% of the times that I say “I’m vegan”, I am either screwed up or praised.
89% of the times I’m screwed up.
Their eyes look away from me and everything turns up different. “Ah…” they say. “Ok… so…

The main problem is that saying it splits me from whoever I am talking to.

Like categorizing us as crazy or decent,  good or bad.
I’ll be on my side and people will be on their side, a river of categories will flow between us.

In our minds, we become opposed even before expressing any ideas.
The word veganism can be an obstacle, if not used with care and attention. It can impede very good conversations and ideas exchange.

I use it because I need it. Colors have names for the same reason, so we can talk and think about them.

Here we can talk and think about the use and misuse of sentient beings.

Here I share with you how badly I want it to end.

About the ilLustration

It’s true, veganism is more than food.

Instead of focusing on the political and hard-working side of veganism, I wanted to represent the gracefulness and power of growing food – and how much knowledge is needed!

These elements sprouting from the ground, like a longstanding enchantment, remind that they have all we need.



Collected, selected and dried natural materials.
Eco-Friendly and Creative-Mind-Friendly