Sustainability is about keeping nothing for yourself.

You use it but you return it. You preserve everything and you retain nothing.


Environmentally, sustainability is about taking nothing from the Earth.
Or borrowing only what we know we can return in the same conditions as we had it.

Once we take something irreplaceable or something we won’t replace, it is no longer sustainable. Something or someone will need it and don’t have it.

Today we approach sustainability as a solution to a problem. And it is.

  1.  The problem: We have been consuming finite resources, polluting resources that should be infinite, and some other terrible mistakes.
  2.  We are the cause of the problem. Our ancestors, grandparents, parents and now us.
  3. We can still damage what is left of our habitat, or we can jump right into the solution and choose to go sustainable.


A behavior that should be natural is now being taught to societies,

hoping they realize its seriousness and place it as a primordial attitude.


Here I want to share the solutions I find on my own way of embracing sustainability.

This is to inspire you to be part of the change.

To invite you to leave this world a little better than you found it.

About the ilLustration

The land is sustainable as long as the seed can sprout.

We can see a life cycle of a flower or we can see many flowers in a different stage of life.
We can see the different seasons of the year and we can see life after death.

Sustainability is all those things at the same time and even more.


Uncountable people, animals, and plants have lived on this planet and are now gone.
Just like we all will be gone.
The question is:
Will future-others suffer because of our overuse of resources?


Collected, selected and dried natural materials.
Eco-Friendly and Creative-Mind-Friendly