Humans – the first topic that I wrote about in my life.


I have this black-cover notebook filled with feelings and philosophical teenager matters.
Trying to figure out the world, I wrote so I could hear my own thinking.
Even if silly to my now adult eyes, it is a treasure. Those pages were my listeners and taught me the value of being one.


I still trying to figure out the world, especially us, humans.


I still writing so I can hear me and it still being philosophical but now it is also concrete and real.

This is a space where I share my thinking about humans and my experience being one and living in society.


About the ilLustration

Humans. They talk way too much.

Languages are codes.
Wherever there is language there is a code to decipher.
That isn’t bad, but when paying attention to the code we can’t absorb the main thing.
It gets lost.

This illustration is about looking only up, looking only at labels and code.
Losing the perception and the very basic purpose: life.



Collected, selected and dried natural materials.
Eco-Friendly and Creative-Mind-Friendly