First of all, it is personal. That’s also why it is sustainable.  

Secondly, it was time to do something.

I don’t know about you, but sustainability was always a word that sounded good to me.
Even before exploring the concept, it’s just something that makes sense.
Just like the first time I ate a Francesinha and ordered the veggie option. Clever girl.

It has been a long way, even if short, since I started questioning unquestionable things.
I did destroy safe places and I was always afraid.

Humanity is unsustainable.
Humanity destroys the river whose water drinks and the ground whose bread eats.
Humanity demolishes its shelter and kills its siblings. 
Humanity is strange to itself and yet here we are.

I ain’t positivist nor negativist. I’m both because I think and I’m neither of them because I eat, I poo and watch Netflix while having breakfast.

I’m telling you this because I have no designed beliefs and you will find here a lot of wondering.

When I say time to do something, the something is to inspire you.


I chose to let my actions follow my best judgment. When I am ready, I go.
And now I’m ready to face the natural unsustainability of being a homo sapiens and learn to charge the brake after years of racing.

And it is time to inspire you to do the same,

to choose sustainability,
to be unselfish enough to cultivate a future that you won’t live, in a present already very f*ked up.


In the end, that’s all I mean and it will be up to you. 

Open your brainy heart and your hearted brain. 
Take that deep breath now and let me encourage you.

Let me inspire you with my insignificant experience.

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About the ilLustration

How many things can you say about yourself?
And does a picture tell 1000 things about you?

No matter how much I say about myself, it will never be enough
– something will remain invisible or hidden.

That isn’t a big matter, because we only have two eyes and two hears.
But it can be harmful if we assume that all we know is all that there is to know.





Collected, selected and dried natural materials.
Eco-Friendly and Creative-Mind-Friendly