sustainable words

WORDS are needed to make a conversation possible.


And these are things that we need to talk about.

ilustrating sustainability

About the ilLustration

On your first look, you may see the big sustaining the small.

Mothers and fathers sustain sons and daughters. The tree sustains the leaves. Earth sustains animals, humans and everything you ever saw.

But let’s turn the picture upside down. No more gravity.
The small sustaining the big.
Sons and daughters sustaining mothers and fathers. The leaves sustaining the trees. The Life sustaining the Earth. Humans sustaining the Earth.

After all the damage we have made, it’s time to grow up and fix it.
It’s time for humankind to stop being a teenager and become an adult.
It is time for sustainability.

Collected, selected and dried natural materials.
Eco-Friendly and Creative-Mind-Friendly